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What is Stresstoration?


Are You Sick of Stress Wrecking Your Life?

 It's personal. Stress steals your sleep, kills your productivity, trashes your performance, spurs on your anxiety, creates chronic & recurring pain, & makes you miss out on family, activities, & life in general.

Studies indicate some 90% of illness is stress-related. Doctors say ⅔ of their patients’ appointments are due to stress and its destructive, long-term erosion of their health.


It Doesn't Have To Be That Way

 So what’s the secret?

I’ve learned a few things in my 21 years as a massage therapist and wellness educator, but probably the most important piece is this… one size does not fit all. It’s all about individual context. You are the center of Your world. That means Your life is Your business. (and yes, I’m capitalizing You intentionally ;) By extension, Your life also happens in Your own unique context.

Stress management and reduction programs are lacking because they fail to bridge the gap between the science, the strategies, and You, the individual. Many are good for people, but not persons. Information and tactics don't work without strategy and context.

My (r)evolutionary new Stresstoration program empowers you to take your life back; taming your stress, restoring your balance and letting you thrive. Here, we believe relief is a far better form of relaxation - and you need to know how to achieve the stress relief you're seeking!


Stresstoration is about re-establishing the balance in Your life within Your own unique circumstances.


You will find out:

  1. Where you are out of balance and where you’re doing well
  2. A framework for understanding how your physical and energetic aspects interact and how your physical, mental, and emotional symptoms are related
  3. How to make your self-care activities more efficient and targeted on what really matters to You
  4. How to create an overall life strategy and be able to adapt it as your life happens and your context shifts
  5. How to sift through the countless tons of stress research, tips, advice, and strategies where they all take 5min a day, but you have a million 5min things to do - what applies to you? Which do you do?

The Stresstoration Program


We Will:

Assess/Re-Assess (Stressessment)

Get your baseline and learn to evaluate as you go to improve and see progress.

Restore (Stresstoration)

Develop your customized strategy & target recovery activities. A Plan! Learn how to adapt your plan as your life changes.

Build Resilience (Stressilience)

Your long-term plan for enduring Quality of Life. Reap the Rewards!


Why Stresstoration?

 There’s a billion books, resources, and courses on stress out there, so why Stresstoration?

It’s simple… to answer the same questions I get asked every day:

  • Will _____ work for me?
  • What do you think of _____?
  • How do I put _____ together?
  • What are the most important things to do to take care of myself?

Over the years, I’ve realized my training, experience, and research has culminated in a unique perspective in dealing with stress. Digging deeper, I found there is a gap in books or programs that not only offer this perspective, but that empower people to actually deal with stress. In other words, there is a lot of talk without a lot that can be put into action. Or sometimes worse, there’s a lot of actions that you can’t choose between or prioritize.


I’ve been asked thousands of times to offer individualized help or advice so now I’m organizing it into a personalized system

 Science is great, but as I said before, it does a much better job at addressing people, not persons - and besides, the books and informational resources out there often present great science, but are vague in what to do with it. Many tips and tricks to deal with stress out there are also great, but will they work for you? How do they fit into your plan?

Stresstoration’s secret sauce is in empowering you with the knowhow and the plan - to bridge the gap between knowledge and action.

So You’ve Read This Far, What’s Next?


 First off, we don’t want to stress anybody out with spam, so if you want more information, stress tips, challenges, and workshop dates, we’ll need you to opt-in to the Stresstoration mailing list below. Please share with anyone you feel might benefit directly or on social media!

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 Get a baseline and identify where You should be focusing Your efforts.

Click here to Take Your Stressessment Snapshot


 6/9/19 | 10am-12pm

at the Turning Point Wellness office in San Jose

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The Stresstoration Fundamentals workshop is a class to get you started with your Stresstoration Plan. Future times & dates will go out to the mailing list - make sure you sign up!

In The Works...


 You’ll be able to sign up for free 7-day or 30-day challenges for specific Stresstoration goals through daily email. 


A full 10-class course with deep-dives and nuanced discussion into each pillar of living well covering stress sources-management-reactions-capacity, all 6 aspects of wellness, sleep, understanding and acting on connections, habits, thought frameworks, strategies, and more. These courses will be available in-person at first, the later through online recordings and hybrid live/recorded. 


A book and companion workbook is in the works! 


Forums for sharing successful strategies and tactics and helping support each other's journeys


An essential component to any strategy is implementation. The app will provide tools to make it so with scheduling, tracking, alerts, progress, and goals, as well as access to the rest of the program.


You are empowered to be well when you not only know what to do, but how to do it! These video courses will teach self-care strategies for trigger point pain, self-kinesiotaping, rehabilitative exercise, and quality living.